Mid-Market Maritime Workers' Compensation

For the small to medium sized employer, Voisin offers its Mid-Market Maritime Workers' Compensation program.

Program Highlights:

  • Accepts all Classes of Business

  • Combined USL&H and State Act Coverage

  • Available for operations in all 50 states

  • Direct Billing of Premium with Installment Options 

  • Quotes available

Program Parameters:

  • In Business 3 Years -or- current ownership must have prior ownership in similar business

  • Satisfactory financial history

  • Operations in 5 states or less

Application /Underwriting Requirements:

  • 3 Year Hard Copy Loss Runs (valued within 3 months of effective date)

  • Current NCCI MOD Worksheet

Guaranteed cost, dividend, deductible and self insured retention options are available.

Jeanette Voisin (JEANETTEVOISIN@BELLSOUTH.NET or 337-923-6881) is available to answer any questions you may have regarding this program.



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